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Start Date:  31 May 2013

The goals of the IMOCA class are to develop the fleet of 60-foot monohulls and to offer skippers an attractive and coherent programme.

Founded in 1991 and recognised by ISAF (International Sailing Federation) since 1998, IMOCA is the class association, which takes care of 60-foot Open monohulls (18.28 metres). With more than twenty skippers signed up, its championship includes two round the world races, a round Europe race and several ocean races. The IMOCA class aims to make ocean racing more international and it brings together ideas about competitions, innovation, human adventure and safety.

Each year, the title of IMOCA world champion rewards the top skipper in the IMOCA Class. It is given to the sailor, who has stood out over the past two race seasons. These rankings, drawn up over a two year period, take into account the participation in at least one round the world race (the Vendée Globe and the Barcelona World Race). Points scored in the championship are also awarded when skippers take part in other events in the official race calendar: a European Tour, as well as a major transatlantic race (Route du Rhum and the Transat Jacques Vabre). Other events can also be included in the IMOCA calendar, such as the Artemis Challenge around the Isle of Wight and the Douarnenez Grand Prix.

The principle of the championship is simple: each event is included in the rankings based on its length and whether it is a single-handed or double-handed or crewed race. The winner receives a number of points equivalent to the number registered, the runner-up the number registered minus one and so on. These points are then multiplied by the coefficient for the event. For example: the winner of the 2008-2009 Vendée Globe received 300 points, which was the number taking part (30) multiplied by the value of the event (10). The Championship rankings are calculated at the end of each calendar year.

IMOCA Champions

IMOCA champions have proved through their results, that they are great sailors and skilled racers, but also experts in weather, as when we are talking about IMOCA races, routing and external assistance are forbidden. They also need to be successful business leaders, as they have to set up their projects, work with the top specialists in their field and manage their teams, before they find themselves alone facing the elements. Skippers claim that a solo win is something that is prepared by crew racing and they know how to share their passion for ocean racing, their happy and sometimes sad adventures both with those around them and the general public. The means of communication that are installed on board help them in this role as communicators and mean that today they are certainly not remote, while at the same time are champions.

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