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America’s Cup
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Start Venue:  San Francisco, America

Finish Venue:  San Francisco, America

Title Sponsor:  Oracle

Start Date:  01 September 2013

The 34th America’s Cup brings the competition for the oldest trophy in international sport back to the United States for the first time in 18 years.

There are two new classes of boats; both will be more powerful, more demanding of the crews and faster than anything seen at the America’s Cup to date. The AC45 catamarans will be raced in the America’s Cup World Series regattas. They have been designed to give new teams an opportunity to learn wing-sailed multihulls as they design and build their own AC72 – the revolutionary catamarans that will be raced in the Louis Vuitton Cup and America’s Cup in 2013.

“We believe this new format and new boat will put the America’s Cup back at the pinnacle of our sport,” said ORACLE TEAM USA CEO Russell Coutts, in announcing the changes in September 2010. “They will give equal opportunity to competitors and long-term economic stability to all teams and all commercial partners. We promised fairness and innovation and this is what we’ve delivered.”

Bringing the racing to the people is a new priority. In addition to near-shore race courses for those on site, television coverage is set to be revolutionized for those further afield. Through new graphics technology, enhanced on board footage, over a dozen on board microphones as well as informed and exciting commentary, watching the story of the 34th America’s Cup unfold on TV might just be better than being there to see it in person.

Similarly, the online offering will take advantage of the very latest the web has to offer to develop the characters behind the teams and bring the story alive, anytime, anywhere.

In 2013, the race for the America’s Cup will reach its zenith in San Francisco, the host city of the 34th America’s Cup. The spectacular natural amphitheater of San Francisco Bay will be the site of the Louis Vuitton Cup challenger selection series as well as the America’s Cup Finals.

The Protocol for the 35th America’s Cup, expected soon, will outline the specific rules of the next event. It will be negotiated by the Defender (Golden Gate Yacht Club) and the Challenger of Record (Hamilton Island Yacht Club).

The 35th America’s Cup is scheduled to take place sometime during 2017.

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